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Job opportunities in Vietnam

Welcome back guys & girls, I hope you have found my last posts to be insightful. So, lets continue. As you can see ^^, I’m here to discuss the kind of job opportunities available to expats in Vietnam. If anyone is moving to Vietnam I would love to hear from you, so don’t forget after reading to head to my home page and comment.

Lets start with what I believe to be the most available kind of work and that is ESL teaching.

ESL stands for ‘English as a Second Language‘. It is favoured in many Asian countries to have English speakers teach English. Many require the individual to have a bachelors degree (in any field) and/or a teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/TOEFL etc.) Facebook is a great place to search for these jobs.

Hotel work is a viable option. They do like to employ expats who can offer advantageous assets. Such as: experience on an international level, management skills or languages.
My suggestion is to hit the international chains like: Hilton or Accor.

Bar – Bar work doesn’t usually pay as well as ESL teaching or hotel but could definitely help you with some of your expenses. If you’re a drinker perhaps you could strike up a deal for discounted drinks to accompany your hourly rate.

Company worker. Many big chains also seek expats for jobs in accounting, HR, marketing and sales. It’s worth looking on Facebook but also sites such as the following.

Spend a little time on Google, there are many sites. If you are really wanting to work for a company and have that company in mind, contact them directly.

This isn’t a job per say but if you are wanting to live cheaply, you could commit to giving some hours of your day, for free accommodation in a hostel.

Online work – teaching online could be an option as hours are flexible. Companies like magic ears and landi English, pay competitively. You could also set up your own online business, be a photo editor, an image contributor… it’s endless.

Estimates in pay

  • ESL teaching usual range from 1400GBP+ per month.
  • Hotel – depends wether it’s a managerial position or not. I’d say from 700GBP+
  • Bar – Maybe 400GBP a month.
  • Company employee – there is such a range here. From my research, it looks like they want qualified specialists and not newbies. I think the pay reflects this. Ranging from 1,500GBP+

Disclaimer: Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data. Photography displayed are either my own or from a paid subscription; and are not to be copied without permission .

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