Convenience Stores Galore

Howdy guys & girls, jumping in with some information about convenience stores. I am sticking with big chains as they are every where and highly recognisable. Which is your country’s main chain convenience store?

Vin Mart+
Part of the Vingroup, which highly dominates in Vietnam. Originated from Ukraine and only entered Vietnam in the year 2000.

Circle K
Not to be confused with Circle K Sunkus which was renamed Family Mart. Circle K started in 1951 Texas, and after several ownerships, it landed with the Canadian multinational Alimentation Couche-Tard. Here is expanded, placing second to 711. Vietnam opened the first Circle K in 2008. There is currently over 300 stores in Ha Noi, Ha Long, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau & Can Tho.

Founded 1990 as LG25, renamed in 2005, and a new logo from 2019. This is a Seoul born convenience store. People can send gifts to others by using the GS25 website.

Mini stop 1969
Unlike most other convenience stores in Japan, Ministop stores feature a kitchen that prepares sandwiches, snacks and take out boxes on demand, and has a seating area where customers can sit down and eat immediately. Most convenience stores in Vietnam offer hot food and a sit down area.

Family Mart
There are now 24,243 stores worldwide in JapanTaiwanChinaPhilippinesThailandVietnamIndonesia, and Malaysia. Founded September 1973 in SayamaJapan.

I find that convenience stores in Vietnam offer a lot more than that in the UK. Some comparisons can be made like: buying credit for your phone and paying electrical bills. But you can also make payments for purchases online*. For example you have booked a coach ride and don’t have a local Vietnamese bank account to make payment. You can select to pay at a convenience store. In addition, I see dining areas within the store. Access to hot water and/or microwave. They offer hot food selections, too.

*Of course limitations apply.

A lot of my research came from , I apologise if any error has been made in retelling the information. Some information is from my personal experience thus may differ to other peoples.

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