Let’s talk Apps

Wether you are relocating or travelling to Vietnam here are some apps to help your trip/life go more smoothly.

Omg… this is a must. It’s like the Uber of Vietnam and it’s called Grab.The app has different size cars depending on your needs, but more conveniently a motor bike. You simply jump on the back of a bike (helmet provided of course). It may be scary but this is the cheaper and quicker way to get around. About 1/3 of the price of a car and 1/2 the time. If you have a Vietnamese bank account, you can link it, to get further discounts. You can select a cash option, too.

GoViet is even cheaper than grab but doesn’t have the numbers yet. I have never been able to get a GoViet in rush hour, there simply isn’t enough of them. Expect both prices to rise in bad wether.

If you have been lucky enough to travel, you may have seen how so many countries have their own version of a free communication platform. I found this super interesting, in England we mostly use WhatsApp, China is Wechat, Korea KaoKao and Vietnam Zalo. When you make friends in Vietnam add their number to zalo to save the expense of texting or calling. Let me know what’s common in your country I’d love to know.

These are shopping apps. You can find so many things on them . Lazada has an English option unlike tiki. But tiki is more reliable for delivery. what’s nice is you don’t have to pay via the app, you can pay cash on arrival to the delivery person. If you can’t seem to find things in the shops, try one of these. They do tend to be cheaper than a lot of shops anyway.

Not a highly important app, as the website version is the same but this is where you can book your buses. They have different levels of luxury : private groups of 9 or sleeper buses with beds and TVs, or more basic with recliner seat. You can head to many popular destinations like: Hanoi Saigon dalat Mekong

Grab and go viet do offer food takeaway services too, but Vietnammm with 3 m’s has more on offer. So if your hungry and too lazy to go out, get it delivered. Important to note that they won’t come to you door but will call you and you should head down to the building enterance with cash. Also try to use smaller money, otherwise you might find your self on a walk asking nearby places for change. And doesn’t this defeat the point of ordering in.

Shoppe is a grocery delivery app. One I haven’t used so I can’t comment on but my friends have and they do call asking when you will be home. It’s usually same or next day delivery. They speak English.

Lastly, if you do get a Vietnamese bank or phone sim. Download the corresponding apps. You can easily check your funds. With your phone you can buy data packages.

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Thanks guys & girls.

Media is either my own or a free source.  Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data.

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