ESL in more depth.

As I mentioned in a previous post, ESL stands for English as a Second Language. You can take an online course to gain experience in this and a certificate. That certificate is valuable when teaching abroad. Best to get it notorised too.

Which ESL pays More!

Let’s not lie most of us thinking of moving to Vietnam, want to explore and earn enough to sustain that life style, plus a little extra for saving.

If you are ‘Golden’, meaning your posses a BA or higher (in any field), have a teaching certificate and one of the more ‘desired’ passports. Then you want to hit the international schools, like:

  • Vus
  • ILA
  • Appolo
  • Vin
  • Wall street
  • Apex

These usually offer the best salary as well as permits, holiday pay, insurance etc. The overall package is more. Usually this is full time work 8:30-16:30 with a salary stating 1500GBP and reaching way over 2 thousand pounds. Depends on the school and your experience.

Alternatively, you could try language training centres. These offer both full and part time positions and can be a little flexible in the BA situation. The overall package and salary is less but still plentiful to live off. Offering 1000GBP to 1500.

Ielts teacher. Ielts is a program heavily used in determining someone’s English level. Many people need this to qualify for certain universities or jobs and is take very seriously. If you can study what ielts requires, you could offer yourself as a teacher in this. Prodimimately in the evenings as it’s elder students/people who study this. At times this offers the better hourly rate 18-25GBP per hour. A lot of language training centre teachers will do some ielts in the evening to boost their overall monthly income.

Not too sure how relevant this is but I feel that almost anyone can find a job as long as you have the willingness, flexibility and understanding. Understand that Vietnam operates different to other parts of the world. You need to be flexible in where you work, it may mean commuting at your expense, or working with a new age group.

I do see many opportunities for those without BA’s but it is then pretty much your responsibility to A)not get caught working and B)sort out your own visa, insurance etc
There is a big market for non native English teachers too. But employers tend offer a lower salary. I see a lot of companies asking for Filipinos and/or South Africans. I don’t agree that they should receive a lower salary, as they are just as capable as anyone. But it’s the reality. Mostly offering work around $1000/£840/25million VND per month.

Disclaimer: Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data. Photography displayed are either my own or from a paid subscription; and are not to be copied without permission .

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