Coffee Shop Abundance

I really can not believe the amount of coffee shops Vietnam has. You can walk down any street and see at least 5 coffee shops. It’s crazy how many there are. Coffee is such a staple drink and Vietnam. But did you know Vietnamese coffee differs to the usual Americano.

Vietnamese coffee vs Classic Americano
If you ask for a ‘black coffee’ it will usually come with sugar, as this is the preferred way (sometimes it is placed on the side). Whilst, when you order an ‘Americano’ you will usually be asked, milk? sugar? etc. In addition the brewing is different, not from a machine but rather a drip process much like this one.

If you have had traditional Vietnamese coffee, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, I would love to know. Because from my point of view this is some strong a** coffee.

Another must try is the egg coffee or coconut coffee.

There are both big brand coffee shops like highland, The coffee shop, Starbucks….but why not try some locally owned shops, I feel they offer a lot more character and can be cheaper.

Coffee ranges anywhere from 13,000 to 50,000 VND.

Here are some of my recommendations, in no particular order:

P.House cafe District 3. Feels like you’re in an antique dolls house. Lots of things to look at enjoy. The price definitely sits at the higher end for a coffee price but definitely provides a great place to take selfies. Warning: if you use a big camera they will charge you.

WeGo, again situated in district 3. This new modern coffee shop charges 45k VND for an iced Americano (top end). And as I am writing, this place has only been opened 6 days. The clientele is so diverse, I hear a multitude of languages being spoken. It’s a great place to meet people.

Talk Barista Saigon needs a mention, its number one on trip advisor and from my visit I can tell you, I have never met a man so passionate about coffee. The owner is very informative and loves to talk. He does a ‘work shop’, if you too are interested in coffee. I highly recommend if you are a coffee connoisseur.

Amazon Cafe in district 8. This will be suited to the more budget conscious folks. It is more reflective of Vietnamese culture. With it being a house converted into a coffee shop, the feeling is like walking into someones home. The owner is very friendly along with the staff. Despite their minimal English they will happily try their best. Most the menu is in English. I adore their ginger tea (OMG). They also do local food, and ok wow. A) the price amazing and B) so frickin* tasty.

For the cheapest coffee, you need to hit the side street vendors. 43p for an iced coffee, where can you get that kind of price in the U.K? It’s cheap because your not paying for wifi, air-conditioning, environment etc

Which style do you prefer? Cheap and cheerful or slightly more pricy with a luxurious feel. I don’t mind the higher price when I can see it. Example: environmentally friendly straws, cups and take away holders. I am astonished at the amount of plastic waste here. But that’s another topic.

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Egg Coffee

Disclaimer: Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data. Photography displayed are either my own or from a paid subscription;  and are not to be copied without permission .

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