$350 OMG! How much?

As promised, this is what did for my visa run. Firstly, I will be mentioning Sunviet a lot, but please know this isn’t sponsored or anything. I just like to give credit where due. Sunviet is well known in Vietnam and have great reviews, so from the companies out there, this one caught my eye.

Yes, as you can see from the title my visa run via Moc Bai, it cost me $350. Let’s break it down, this was their vip service, where my driver Mr Trung picked me up from my home, gave me an array of snacks to munch on during my journey. It was a nice 4 by 4 air-conditioned vehicle. When we arrived we barely had to queue and before I knew it, we were back on the road, total time 5 hours. The actually time spent in the ‘border control’, was around 30 minutes. He knew exactly where to go and who to ‘slip some cash’ to speed up the process. I feel that if I had went alone, I would have gotten stressed and confused. But now I feel confident to go alone the next time.

Realistically I only spend no more than $100 USD more than if I were to have done it alone with flying. Think about the expense of the Cambodia stamp, Vietnam stamp, Vietnam visa letter, and travel. Including a return flight (if lucky) would have cost around $250 minimum. So pretty much I paid an extra 100USD for a personal driver, guide and snacks. Perhaps a little excessive but I’m glad I done it this way. It was nice to have that security.

Could you imagine going alone and being denied a visa or missing your bus back. What would you have done?


  • Contact an agent to arrange your visa letter or inclusive trip.
  • Arrange transport to Moc Bai Border (bus, bike, car, coach).
  • Get dropped off and walk through the Vietnamese border, collect you exit stamp. Slip an obvious 20k VND, to speed up the process.
  • Walk through the ‘no man land’. Avoid the bikes, it’s a short walk.
  • Queue up and pay to get your Cambodia visa. Another 20k can help if your in a rush.
  • Enter Cambodia.
  • Turn around, get your exit stamp to Cambodia.
  • Walk back through ‘no man land’.
  • Hand your documents to get a new Vietnamese visa (visa letter, visa fee, 2x passport pictures needed).
  • After a short wait collect your visa and head through immigration, who will double check the visa.
  • You’re done. Head home.

Has this happened to anyone? Share with me your experiences. That’s all for today guys & girls. Please support me by liking this post, and as usual head to my instagram if you wish to see the face behind these words.


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