I wanna move to Vietnam!

Somethings to think about before boarding.

You’re probably not going to end up in a house like that one. But moving to Vietnam will involve living somewhere. Here is a little check list of the steps and considerations before moving to Vietnam.

  • Health

Before heading to Vietnam or any foreign land, you should check all your medicals are up to date. If possible try and obtain a full medical check record. Ask your doctor what is needed and feel free to check out this site; https://www.passporthealthusa.com/destination-advice/vietnam/
If your country offers free medical, take advantage before going abroad.

  • Insurance

No matter what kind of time frame your looking at, insurance is always recommended. It not only protects you but also protect your family from paying large sums of money if any happens to you.
There are different kinds with different levels of cover. Some are purely medical, some combine medical with travel protection. Just read your small print guys & girls. If you plan on working, then this is often not covered or requires an ‘extra’ fee.
I personally used nomads, they provide me with everything I need. Medical and travel insurance. Protecting my luggage, flights, passport etc
It’s long term, for the entirety of Asia; it even allows me to visit home once during its period without cancelling. It has protection for me as a teacher too. Check them out: https://www.worldnomads.co.uk/travel-insurance/

  • Money

Ensure you have access to funds. Meaning you are a) able to with draw funds abroad b) you notified you bank to prevent any blocks c) there is money inside the account.
Using a debit card is one way. Another would be using a credit card. Once upon a time I worked for a bank in the UK, so here is my advice. Credit cards advagtergous if you travel. They can be used as a back up card should anything happen to your debit card. There is more protection offered. Some cards offer travellers deals, like points for flyer schemes, money back, commission free purchases. Talk to your bank, what’s the harm.
Ideally prepare cash. VND Vietnamese Dong is the currency used here, but USD dollars are very easy to change. One of these will be needed in the airport to pay stamping fee, other currencies are not accepted. You could look to change other currencies too, but I am unsure about the kind of rates you will get. I base my desired rates around xe exchange https://www.xe.com.

  • Safety

Something we all tend to over look at times is having someone know our where about at all times. Going to a foreign country maybe unknown to us, we don’t know anyone and they don’t know us. If I went missing who would notice?
Technology is amazing, if you have an iPhone connect your family to ‘find my’, they can log in at anytime to see your location. You too can see them and track their devices. I’m sure android phones will have their own versions.
If you are planning to move around a lot, print / email / share your itinerary as well as your insurance / flight info with family or friends.
Fill in your contacts in the back of your passport. Also emergency contacts in the ‘Health’ app on your iPhone as this can be accessed whilst your phone is locked.
Exchange important contact information with someone you are travelling with. And lastly note down your nearest embassy or consulate and share this too. One more (sorry) note down the local emergency numbers i.e 999 / 911 / 115 (Vietnam).

  • Research

Put a little effort into researching the country’s culture and laws. You may find things that are frowned upon or even things you might do that could have you end up in jail.
It is courteous to abide, plus gives you an interesting topic to talk about, once you get there. I personally think it’s fun to learn, like where to place your chop sticks, should you complete finish your food. It also helps you decide what to pack.
Maybe you want to be awesome and learn some words in that language. Again touching on safety, if you have allergies perhaps use a translate and keep a copy to show people. Furthermore printing some important phrases might help, like: I have lost my phone. Can you help call the police.

  • Visa

I am going to cover this in a later blog, but for now just know, deciding on a visa depends on what you are planning to do and is an expense you need to think about.

  • Miscellaneous

If you are planning to be away long term, maybe consider if some of your necessities are available. For example: medicines or hair products. My curly haired guys & gals, some products are hard to find.

Apps, are also worth thinking about. What apps are popular and will help you during your stay. Again, regarding Vietnamese apps it is coming soon. So don’t forget to follow me. Thanks guys & gals, until the next vlog.

Disclaimer: Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data. Photography displayed are either my own or from a paid subscription;  and are not to be copied without permission .

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