Vietnam Cities

So all my talking, has possible aided you in deciding to move to Vietnam. So now where? Which city? Here are the top 6. In no particular order:

Ho Chi Minh
Population: 8.993Million / Av. Temp: 28 °C/ Av. Rainfall 71 inches.

From my point of view Ho Chi Minh is the most disarable place to live because it has everything. All the comforts for being an expat, from local cuisine to French, Mexican food. You need to shop, Ho Chi Minh has Japanese stores like Uniqlo and other international brands like Zara, Mango, H&M. Got curly hair, you can find diva cuts here. I feel like anything you are looking for or need can be found. In addition there are many tourist attractions like: War Remnants Museum, the Independent Palace, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and Ben Thanh Market.
Night life is popping for those party people, although drinking tends to calm down around midnight because of Vietnamese laws, Ho Chi Minh has after party places on the down low.

Population: 7.782 Million / Av. Temp: 23.6 °C/ Av. Rainfall 63.5 inches.

Situated 1137km north of Ho Chi Minh, this place definitely experiences more seasonal weather. You can feel the humidity in summer and the cool breeze of fall. Some say this city is cleaner but that might be because it has less people. Again Hanoi can offer lots of tourist attractions like: the Old Quarter, Hao Lo Prison, Hoan Kiem Lake and a variety in food and night life. I see a lot more jobs being offered here as apposed to HCM. And something I personally love is the ability to take leisurely walks. HCM can be too hot, too busy and too little in there greenery scenery. Hanoi has more tucked away parks, that you can have a sit down and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Hoi An
Population: 152 Thousand / Av. Temp: 25.9°C/ Av. Rainfall 77 inches

Once a prominent port for trading, Hoi An has been influenced by many countries like Japan, China and France. This can be seen in the architecture of the old town. Riverside is a second popular location to visit. The tourist attractions can be easily accessed by foot or bicycle, making a nice active holiday. Don’t fear that beaches can be found about 1 hour away. By day enjoy the historical pogodas or tranquil villages. Come night fall, enjoy an array of dining options. For the party people, lively bars can be found, opened until 3am!

Population: 1.1 Million / Av. Temp: 20°C/ Av. Rainfall 84 inches.

Danang is for the seaside lovers. Danang has a modern twist for a seaside town, offering shopping highlights as well as historical sights. It is definitely a ‘go to’ destination for vacation. The cost line stretched over 30km with beautiful white sand beaches.

Da Lat
Population: 406 Thousand / Av. Temp: 14°C/ Av. Rainfall 69 inches.

I personally loved dalat. Situated in the mountains, it has a much cooler climate and an abundance of greenery. Renting a bike is easy and you can enjoy the beautiful views. This may offer some amazing views but it does lack international shops/brands. You won’t be finding some things you desire. The night life is a lot less than the bigger cities but if you prefer a cosy town, where everyone knows each other, dalat can offer this. For vacation its great, 2-3 days you can see all. For living, just be sure to pack your essientals like CGM hair products, you won’t find these easily. As for working as an expat jobs are limited, esl hasn’t really taken off there yet.

Nha Trang
Population: 503 Thousand / Av. Temp: 26°C/ Av. Rainfall 34 inches.

Sandy beaches, verdant mountains, untouched mountains and an abundance of history; summarises Nha Trang. Sounds amazing right? Well that’s why it is on this list. A ‘must go’ for travellers. I can not offer a point of view for relocating here, I will leave you to your own research for the work opportunities here. Here are some attractions you should check out: Pro Nagar Cham Towers, Cathedral, Vinpearl Amusement park, That Ba Hot Springs and the White buddha.

From browsing the internet these 6 popped up frequently. Which most appealed to you?, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow and like this post, if you are enjoying my content. And if not, I’m sorry. I aim to post Monday Thursdays and Fridays. Until next time guys & gals.

Disclaimer: Please not that any information displayed is from my research and may differ to other sources. In addition, please do not confuse my opinions with factual data. Photography displayed are either my own or from a paid subscription;  and are not to be copied without permission .

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