Visa Run

When you need a new visa because yours is expiring. You can either apply for an extension with Vietnam, limitations apply. Alternatively leave and come back.

Option 1: Visa Extension
You need the help of a travel or visa agent. Who can apply? Those with a tourist or business visa. What can you get? If you currently hold a 1 month visa, you can extend 1 further month. If you currently posses a 3 month, you have the option to extend 1 or 3 months more. You can not switch from a tourist to business, nor vice-versa. Note that: Visa extension means to extend, leaving Vietnam will cause it to expire, no matter the remaining time.

Option 2: Visa Renewal
Basically leave Vietnam and repeat the steps again. Why renew and not extend? Maybe you wish to change the type of visa to another (i.e tourist to business),have it be multiple as apposed to single entry or have a longer visa (perhaps previously you came through as visa exempt).

Option 3: Border Run
This is pretty much option 2, because the main principle is that you leave Vietnam. When you think of leaving, you assume you have to take a flight out. But nooooo. There is an alternative, DRIVE!
Cambodia is a neighbouring country and you can easily cross over the border. So, how does this work? Basically, you will leave Vietnam, pay a visa fee for Cambodia (1 month visa) and then head back submitting your paperwork and fee to get your visa renewed for Vietnam.

Is it easy to do? Grab your phone and google ‘buses to Cambodia’, there are local buses you can take and pass over the border yourself or group situations, where you can share a coach that takes you there. Alternatively, if you’re a little fearful because you don’t know what to expect, how to navigate etc you can use a travel company like: Sunviet.

They have an array of services they provide:

Which one you choose is down to you and maybe your wallet. I personally think taking a shared coach/car is the cheaper option; because firstly, you split the cost a driver, it’s like $30 for the stamp into Cambodia, and $25 (tourist) or $50 (business) for the visa back into Vietnam. Additionally you might need to pay for a visa letter, which can varying price starting at about $15.

Did I do this? NOOOOOO, I had no idea what to expect, and was scared I would mess it up.

This is what I did…… Actually….I’ll be very happy to share my experience in the next blog. I aim to upload Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. So, I hope you will stick around for more Vietnam info. Don’t forget to subscribe and like my post (please). As usual if you wish to see the face behind the words, head to my instagram and as always any comments, ideas of what you would like to know are always welcomed.

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